Established in 2013

We aim to add value for clients through our extensive experience and understanding of the day to day requirements of managing buildings. We offer impeccable customer service with honest and open communication. We act with transparency, integrity, and always perform in the best interest of our clients through our unique blend of youth, experience and family values.

Part of the Hyecorp Group

We are proud to manage a number of luxury Hyecorp apartment projects that have won or been nominated for multiple industry awards through the UDIA, PCA and Urban Taskforce. As part of the Hyecorp group we work across the design, building and management of apartment buildings and draw on the expertise of the construction team and tap into their knowledge and resources to resolve any issues.

Cost effective and accountable

Our management team constantly explore options to save on costs for the Owners Corporations while ensuring the security, safety and operations of the building are never compromised. Our focus is to increase the value of the property by doing what Dynamic does best – guaranteeing the delivery of a fast, quality and efficient service. We use Building management software to manage your property which provides a greater level of accountability, trend analysis, excellent record keeping practices and greater community engagement through its residential portal.

Diverse range of services

We are confident that no other building management company can offer the range of services of Dynamic Building Management. With our vast network we can access the resources of numerous industry experts to provide unparalleled services to both owners and residents from planning and pre-construction drawing, detail, and services through to post construction management. We offer ethical servicing of your property, and this is a prerequisite for contractors engaged for maintenance of all assets and buildings under our management.

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